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Earth Day Major Marketing Event

Retailers Cry Foul For No Good Reason

Earth Day. A day to inspire awareness about the environment close to home and around the globe. Awareness, however, has turned into opportunity. Nothing wrong with opportunity, but when those participating in the free market enterprise cry foul over the LACK of sales you know some people have forgotten the purpose of ‘Earth Day’.

Some retailers have not only noted the downward trend in Earth Day sales, but overall retailer sales as well. A 4% decline say some organizations.

Well how about that ,a day designed to raise awareness about the environment and retailers are shocked that consumption decreased? Let’s get this straight, in order to celebrate Earth Day you have to go out and buy things? Become part of the free market enterprise, the capitalist system, the economic engine that spends its time growing through the use of scarce resources?

Earth Day has been twisted into another Hallmark event, however, it seems some people have started to vote with their feet and consume less….Not that consumption is always equated with wrecking the environment. However, it is worth noting that the commercialization of an environmental awareness day leaves me a bit skeptical.

So let me be among the growing crowd to cry foul over the commercialization of Earth Day. If I wanted to buy over packaged Earth Day care kits then I’d just get them from the 24hr Walmart.

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