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More Ideas on What Can be Done About the Banking System

This post started off as a comment for our ‘Where do Banks Get Their Money?” article. It has now graduated to our top page for more exposure.

OK, quite a good few people have a good grip on the nature of the problem and there are slight variations expressed above but let’s now hear some more ideas about what can be done to save mankind before the banking system and the world money system goes totally belly-up. Money as a system is revealed to be a ponzi scheme. We all know that all Ponzi’s eventually run out of suckers as there is not enough of them to keep the system afloat. Soon, maybe very soon, we will all face this terrible collapse of the money system itself and social chaos would surely ensue.

How can we stop this? Can we? There must be a viable way to break this system and get to a system where money sticks around and has some reflection to real wealth instead of it all being debt based.

Myself, I think mass education of the masses to how banking and the money system of their respective countries really work is a partial essential step. When you have government ministers (and other financial Muppets) like George Osborne, chancellor of the exchequer in the UK standing up and making speeches that seem to link the running of the government budgets to the way a household budget works, ie. we must get rid of all this debt, you realise just what a big hole we are in. Not one I have express what we all know – money = debt and only exists because of debt! Yes, mass education would be needed so that people could understand that banking was NOT like any other business.

Next is the permanent nationalization of all banking. Not for a short term because banking is perceived to be shaky at the moment, but for the duration. Money is a national utility that everything and everyone depends on. Interest rates should be set at 0.001% or an amount that simply covers the administration of the system. Money created by the new nationalised banks should partly be permanent issue to reflect true wealth that exists out in society. Money needed by Government should be borrowed at 0% interest.

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