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New Oil Messiah: AFS Trinity Power to Save America?

Hybrid Technology to Reduce US Oil Dependency?

Washington rejoice, hybrid technology will save you and America alike. Governor Chris Gregoire and other state and local officials are ringing praises for the new Messiah AFS Trinity Power from a cross country tour in which its XH-150 Plug-in Hybrid SUVs have been celebrated as the possible answer to record high fuel prices, U.S. oil dependence and motor vehicle greenhouse gas emissions,

Will Car Manufacturers Prevent Production?

Road tests of the XH-150 at Michelin’s Laurens Proving Grounds in South Carolina prior to the Detroit unveiling demonstrated extreme fuel economy without sacrificing performance. Test reports indicated the XH-150 traveled 41.9 miles without burning an once of fuel in a mixed urban/highway driving cycle, achieved all-electric highway speed of 87 MPH, accelerated faster to 60 MPH than comparable gasoline-only models (11.6 seconds) and, in full hybrid mode, delivered zero to 60 in just 6.9 seconds. Along with dramatically reducing vehicle emissions, the XH-150 is expected to significantly reduce the cost of operating a car. It uses only one dollar of off-peak electricity to provide enough power for the average driver’s 40 miles of daily driving and can achieve 150 miles per gallon during a typical 340 mile week. No other hybrid or plug-in hybrid of which AFS Trinity is aware has demonstrated the ability to achieve such fuel economy, range, highway speed and acceleration.

Real Implications on American Oil Demand?

If the technology is real one of two things are going to happen. 1) Conspiracy theorists will assume big oil companies/ car corporations will turn out and prevent the emergence of this new technology. The more like thing to happen is #2. Given our free market enterprise in the US, shareholders of corporations demand the greatest profit, not wallowing in status quo. What this means if AFS is for real, big companies will BUY the technology at a huge price. Why? So they can shelf it?

Quite simply, if the hybrid technology is legit AND is cheaper to produce than oil alternatives you will see an immediate production of the new technology. Why? If it’s cheaper, lower oil dependency for the entire country, saves everyone money, then EVERYONE will buy. Not only that they will buy TWO, maybe THREE! In the end, there will be greater demand for the new technology as the buying firm capitalizes on their new competitive advantage.

Conclusion? If AFS Trinity is really holding the holy grail to gas consumption that is CHEAPER than alternatives, it will be massed produced.

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