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Walmart Leads List of US Retailers Refusing to Sign Bangladesh Factory Safety Accord


Of course, Walmart leads the list of US based retailers who refuse to sign an agreement between retailers to ensure higher safety standards in offshore factories. Included are the usual giants:

VF Corp.
Cato Fashions
American Eagle Outfitters
The Children’s Place
Foot Locker

But who’s really to blame? These corporations? Or the owners? Who are the owners? Well the shareholder, that’s you and me. Yes, it’s true, corporations including these retailers are only concerned about the bottom line (for the most part). But ultimately the ‘bottom’ line is predicated on ONE foundational element that’s the crux of any economic equation–YOU–the CONSUMER.

The bottom line is crucial but that’s merely the result of making decisions at the corporate level to provide products that are demanded, and in America there’s only one demand that’s catapulted the likes of Walmart and Target to the stratosphere of profits–LOWEST COST POSSIBLE.

So who’s really to blame? Walmart? Target? Hardly. It’s the consumer who will only choose to purchase their XXL bikini separates for $1.99 (Made in Bangladesh no less).

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